RDRA -- Revolutionary Democratic Republic of Antioch

In 1964, a group of students at Antioch College decided to celebrate May Day by overthrowing the Community Government, CG. The Spring had been very politically active with a major civil rights demonstration in Yellow Springs on March 14th led by SNCC and ACRE (see web site www.acre.siegel-memorial.org). I've put together this web site for all to remember the Spring of 1964 at Antioch --- Jay Siegel

What follows are a few documents from that mock revolution:

On May Day students, led by the Antioch Liberation Front, ALF, from their guerrilla base in the Glen, overthrew CG establishing the Revolutionary Democratic Republic of Antioch, the RDRA.

  • The First Declaration of Yellow Springs [image] [pdf]
  • Proclamation 1 [image] [pdf]
  • Official Ballot of the RDRA Governing Committees [image]
  • Proclamation 4 [image] [pdf]
  • Last Proclamation [image] [pdf]
  • RDRA Stationary [pdf]

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